& a New Trip Takes Shape…

Okay, so maybe it can be seen as silly to post travel updates before the actual travel, but I think it will be interesting to look back on the time that came before this marvelous adventure. As we enter mid April, I’m starting to hit the panic button, but its also the same button that releases a ton of excitement and nervousness. Last week, madyson and I met go finalize the dates for our summer trip. I cannot believe we had even more cities planned, seeing as we cut out places and still managed to add some. Our goal over the past week has been finding CS hosts that can commit to our visit, even though we are asking early. The downside to the whole affair is that hostels book up quickly for the summer, but couch surfing hosts want more last minute requests. Hostels are ridiculously overpriced in most places, where hosts want very unique, detailed requests, most often of which are turned down. I will be honest – yes, Madyson and I want to save money on our trip, but yes, we would also much prefer to make international friends and learn a place through the eyes of a local. I get frustrated when I spend considerable time reading profiles and emailing hosts to receive declines with no written response, but its all part of the game.


June is going to be a busy time. Report cards are the first or second week. My birthday is the 25th ( last day of school) and 26th is a PD day. My parents will be gone so I will need to figure out moving my stuff out, packing for Europe, and finishing work. We leave at 1 p.m. June 27th. First stop Dublin! Its so hard to know what will happen. At a certain point we’ll have to go with the flow. The old Type A in me wants to book at least some things so this trip seems more “real.” Its hard when you hinge on surfing. Even trains will be booked place to place. Anyways, here is the proposed itinerary :

Leave June 27 –
June 28th- july 2nd Dublin/ Ireland … perhaps drive around?

July 2nd- 7th Edinburgh

July 7-11 London

July 11-13 Amsterdam

July 13-14 Brussels

July 14-18 Paris … or spend a night in Dijon?

July 18-20 Interlaken

July 20-21 Lucerne

July 21-23 Zurich

July 23-24 Basel

July 24-26 Bordeaux

26 overnight to Madrid on Eurolines for 39 euro roughly – 8 hours

27-28th Madrid sleeper to barcelona

29th –   31st Barcelona ….

31st -1st  Arles

1st- 3rd – aix – en Provence

3-5 Nice

5- 7 Athens

7-12 Greek islands

12- 14 Dubrovnik

14-17 Hvar

17-19 Split

19-20  Zagreb

20-21 Ljubljana

21-23 Munich

23-26-  Berlin

Are we insane? For 7-8 weeks, we just might be. I’ve been looking up things to do recently and again, exhilarating but difficult. I am happy with all of these choices. The next step becomes deciding what we also what to do when we are there. Don’t get me wrong – I am not going to uber plan everything. I hope to meet our hosts and other travelers who will inspire us to take up small adventures with them. I hope to walk around a city and get a feel for it, to meander wherever our restless spirits take us. Having said that, there are some iconic things to visit in these places, and I’d like to know they exist!


Edinburgh: We want to rent a car in Edinburgh and drive Scotland for 3 days but where? Loch Ness? Isle of Skye? Or should we be staying in the city?


Dublin: We are so excited for our first spot, but it’s the same deal. Ring of Kerry? Cliffs of Moher?

We want to see London’s sights but also discover unique places. What does that mean?


Ljubljana seems to have a foodies treasure trove of eateries. Which to pick? They even have walking foodie tours which I haven’t told Madyson but is definitely happening.


In Munich, I would love a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle if time allows, but in truth, I will be happy enough if we end up in an iconic beer garden. Give me sunshine, travelers, and a giant mug of beer – I’m happy as a pig in mud.


Switzerland is so high on my list, eager to be in the rolling valleys and awe-inspiring mountains that I know will take my breath away. Interlaken is where I hope to go hang gliding. Fingers crossed it becomes a possibility.

The palette is unmarked now, but we need to start filling in some spots. We are both still a tad worried financially, but we will make it happen. Check out our list… Any advice? And, if any of you bloggers out there have host-friends in Europe, or will be traveling yourself, let’s meet up! I leave you with one of my favourite quotes this year, which reminds me to always push the barriers of my own comfort and seek the newness life is willing to give us, if we just leap!

Take care.



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  1. I’ve driven twice through Scotland – up the top, visited the islands, and it was awesome. But that said, so is staying in town and reveling in the mass of a fun city. Especially if you like the scottish accent ( as I do). I hang on their every word. Either way you’ll be sure to have a blast.


    1. ohshetravels says:

      I do love the accent! I’ve been to Glencoe, Oban and fort William as a tween. The problem is organizing a 3 day trip! Where to go!


  2. Have fun!



  3. Lint says:

    Hey you’re in Scotland during the Fringe festival! It’s the comedy festival I was talking about last year, you should try to see a show or two while you’re there, lots of them are free


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