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So I suppose I’m posting fairly recently after my last one but I’m pretty pumped up with my first 8tracks playlist done…

a recent inspiration from the turn in seasons. My indie, slow, internal-sadness loving self has disappeared, and the happy- go-lucky, confident, adventure-seeking soul has appeared – mostly. I’m on week 4 nearly of this dreaded bronchitis “thing”, and I’m miffed it’s kept me inside and inactive for so long. I was able to go for a decent long walk along the canal yesterday. It felt good to be able to breathe without hacking up a lung (totally) and actually speak/walk at the same time.


The past few weeks have been a lot better planning-wise. Madyson and I have started booking hostels, solidifying hosts, booking the odd tour, and crying as we pay for expensive flights (worth it though, of course). It’s interesting to look back even 2-3 months ago and see how the trajectory of our trip has changed. I don’t know how we even intended to include the Amalfi coast, Budapest and Istanbul in our trip- really. There is NO TIME. Friends are joking about summer romances and falling in love with places, when really, I don’t have time to fall in love with anything. We will be at most 3-4 days in any place. Truth. 

open road 2

“But Kristy! How can you properly enjoy anything! You tourist you!”

Yes, yes, I get it. I know full well that 2 days in Madrid, 2 days in Barcelona will not cut it. I am not looking to become culturally submersed and know the ins-and-outs in this short time. If I could make a novel of this trip, I would title it “Europe in 30 seconds” or “Taste of Europe”. We know we will not delve deep. We want to put many flavours on the tastebuds of our soul. Proposing this, our trip falls as such:

The Ottawa Canal

Leave June 27th (should I mention, I need to move my stuff out, finish teaching, clean up my classroom, celebrate my birthday (25th) and pack before this…)

Dublin (+tour) , Edinburgh (+tour), London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Interlaken, Zurich, Basel, Bordeaux (see a friend from Oz!), Madrid, Barcelona, Arles, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Athens, Santorini and Mykonos, Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, Zagreb, Munich, Berlin, home. In 62 days. That number scares me fiscally. I do recall what money I came home owing after Australia. I’m not saying it’s smart, but I’m saying it’s life. Just as I did two years ago, there is no turning back once you have made a decision. For better or for worse, you throw yourself off that cliff and jump. I’m pretty sure it’ll be better.


The flight home was a debate. It seemed like Berlin – Dublin, Dublin next day to Ottawa would be wise. We’d save 200$ – yah! …And as we discussed it, the price rose 70$. I finally decided I’d cry away more money than I hoped to get home in one trip. I must say couch surfing is a treasure that I hope I’ll appreciate more after this trip. We have hosts (so far) in at least 7 places, and that helps so much. Not only do you learn a place from a local’s perspective, i.e. no wasting time in tourist traps, making new friendships, unknown adventures, etc. I had originally thought I’d scale the Eiffel, France-Obsessed as I am, but you know what? Anthony Bourdain, and public commentary, have taught me – take a picture, go enjoy other things. That’s where speaking to real citizens can help. How many tourists actually interact with citizens? Maybe some, but I’m talking beyond the waiter at your restaurant or when you are utterly lost and searching for directions. Interacting with locals is what gets me so pumped, so nervous and excited at the same time – way beyond the potential for cute European men. Okay, it’s a thing, but I watched some tour videos of places we go to, like Greece and Croatia, but ya know? Didn’t seem like my cuppa tea.


I partied for 3 days on a boat in the Whitsunday Islands and all I remember is a lot of goon, sickness, and an unruly chef hitting his pot with a spoon at 6 am, me feeling like I had gone to sleep 5 minutes prior. Ok, I did make a few “friends”, one of whom stayed with me last Fall ,which was wonderful. I remember the evening parties were full of games and debauchery and fun, if you’d had enough goon, but what do I remember most? Being sick, and the good snorkeling. For a “party”, it’s not worth it. I’m older(ish) now. My party is my whole trip with Madyson. The hikes. The street-exploring. The manoeuvering from country to country. The interactions with people. We have booked a PS I love you tour in Dublin (thanks Mads!), a Highlands tour in Edinburgh (returning to Glencoe after 13 years of HP fandom will be surreal, plus – Loch Ness!) , we will be in Paris for Bastille Day (Fireworks!!), along with a bunch of other pluses. I worry a bit about money, since I haven’t saved as much as I’d hoped… at all. It’s funny how you work for months, constantly telling yourself to be thrifty, to stay in, and yet, your money still disappears. Things to work on I suppose. My problem is I can’t substitute “pleasures for now” in exchange of “pleasures for later”. My father is constantly reminding me of the need to be smart, save, invest, but I keep focusing on now.  So, that is the question… do I live for “now”…or for tomorrow… or for 5 years from now? I guess my decision is already made. Flights in and out are booked. 62 days. Yikes. No looking back now. Oh, and I bought a GoPro! Hero 3 White! Many good videos (hopefully) in future! Please keep following… 36 days and counting.

Much love,

Oh she travels (again soon)



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  1. Thomas N Salzano says:

    Reblogged this on Thomas N Salzano.


  2. Sketchpacker says:

    Haha what a crazy itinerary! Can you see yourself using this as a kind of ‘palette primer’ where you’ll get a taste for the places you’ll want to re-visit at a later date?


    1. ohshetravels says:

      Sketchpaker, exactly! I wish we had gone to Italy, but my travel partner has already seen most of it, so I hope to see that country on its own. I have a serious thing about France (I’m a French teacher and have been making my classes do presentations on parts of France, travel articles, etc… haha 🙂 ) so that will be explored more in future. I need to see more of Germany, and Eastern Europe too, once I become a bit braver. I know the travel is going to exhaust us, as many have suggested the need for at least one day of rest a week. I hope we’ll be fine, and we’ll set out some “let’s not kill each’ rules to prevent any sort of stress-induced discord. It’s a lot to commit to, but if I’m going to commit to anything right now, it’d be travel 😉
      Thanks for reading!

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      1. Sketchpacker says:

        Thanks for writing! I think don’t listen to those people – your travel isn’t a free and easy thing this time, it’s all about cramming things in! So accept it for what it is, get excited, and run on pure adrenaline/coffee! Hehe


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