The Adventure Begins

I am typing some of this while I sip a libation and relax to some deep house… today being my birthday, and the last day of school (!!!) I would say it’s a good day! I turned 26 today. It was mostly relaxing. Many of the intermediate teachers had hoped the grade 8 report cards would go out yesterday, but alas, they did not… It might be a sort of kick-back from admin over the whole work-to-rule + union/government mess the past few months. We gave marks but did not enter comments for report cards. Other than that, I never detected a change. I still came in early, still did the yearbook, still kept up field trips and clubs…

The past few weeks have been busy. I have successfully finished my LTO this year, and miraculously, scored a 0.50 Contract teaching Gifted 6/7 immersion and some Phys Ed. Gifted is new for me, and it will be quite a pay cut, but hopefully I will find something to top myself up. The other stress is whether there will actually BE work. People predict different things. One colleague today said “we’ll return in September,…and maybe we’ll be striking by November.” Joy. I met a nice girl recently who wants a place in Westboro for September. I would love to, but given my inability to research or visit apartments whilst abroad in Europe, I think it’s safer to hold out. If we strike and I’m making peanuts for money, I don’t want to have 1000$ in bills to account for. I’ll wait.

But, back to the better stuff — Birthday! I turned 26 today. I can already predict tonight will be better than last year, seeing as it was my “champagne” birthday… 25 on the 25th. 6 wonderful people came out for dinner (on a Wednesday) but it was not the birthday I had envisioned. Keep your hopes simple. We’re going to Bier Markt, famous for good beers, live music, and killer food. I’m keen.


Yesterday we had our graduation. I only have 13 grade 8s, it being a split class, but I am so proud of them! They are such wonderful individuals. I had a great year and wish them the best.

*** IMG_20150627_190849182 IMG_20150627_182218310 IMG_20150627_182007975_HDR

I am now writing from the first of our airport travels. Madyson and I made it safely through security in Ottawa. We headed to St Johns for a six hour layover then Dublin by next morning. We managed to wander, grab a few snaps of the city, then enjoy local tunes at a pub. It was nice! Best seafood chowder I’ve had in ages! Now we wait for our next flight. The adventure begins! It feels so good to finally be starting this trip. I feel like I’ve been waiting ages, and were finally here. I know once I land in Dublin that old, familiar feeling of awaiting discovery will hit me. Just like landing in Melbourne, when I had no idea what surprises lay in wait… I am so eager to have those feelings again. The heart of a traveler! Follow me here, or on instagram at @ohshetravelsx.

And we’re off!


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    I saw your new profile in pen pal i´d like be your friend regards from México


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