Nostalgia (a prose-type travel reflection)

I had some time to reflect in Spain and found myself writing in a garden in Madrid. It finished on a beach in Barcelona on our last day. Not sure what it is, but Ill call it a reflection. wpid-20150801_140432.jpg I Have forgotten What day it is What time Sitting in the shade of yew trees Watching the peaceful go by I do not remember whose garden this is Nor the very place where i lay my head last night I do not recall The roads I took to get here By which means, or how long the journey took Only that it has happened I could not tell you the name Of the quaint corner where we dined for little Or the colours of the dancers skirt as she twirled around our table Only that our conversation carried over water Billowous and heady, it ran I cannot fathom the miles i have crossed The joys that we have gained The worries we have lost I could not share these, could not put into words Only to say that it has been hopelessly beautiful But i can recall The sight of water so blue it makes your heart break Of flying over trees, so weightless, your heart like a feather I can give you a shadow of  complexity Sitting on a wall watching the sun slowly fade to non Feeling such wholeness with the world Yet such incredible loneliness I can remember the vein deep ignition of sparks alight when two strange mouths cross in a foreign city at night These things the mouth does not forget, Warm and familiar I can still see the things that gave colour meaning Papayas, passion fruit, sweetest berries inhaled with mirth I still hear the tinkling laughter, My own, So wild, so unafraid, so free Still felt is the power of legs, carrying Histories of hills, fruitful wanders, dances until the coming dawn Though names will turn to faces, which in turn become a distant memory I am blessed by the connections and reflections of those path crossed mine These, we do not forget To travel is to learn both in and out of yourself To explore and discover that nothing is ever truly the same And so i collect my mountains, my sunsets, My great discoveries and small surprises To keep, to hold close, to remember, To love.


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