Christmas Lights & Hvar Island Nostalgia

Hello all,

crazy how we’re already in December!! In Ottawa, we still don’t have snow, which is unheard of. I can’t remember a snowless winter since maybe 1997 or 1999…we still have three weeks to go, but it’s still weird when you consider by this time last year, we were absolutely covered in white. I can’t say that I mind, but I’m certainly not in the Christmas spirit yet. I hope the flakes fall soon.

I feel that December will pass quickly. A week ago I handed in my contract resignation at my school. It was a hard choice and I am really going to miss my students. For me my priority is my finances, and I think I can sustain myself better by supply teaching full time at schools near my home. I have to tell my students tomorrow, and I’m not looking forward to it. The other reason was/is my restlessness in general, with the city, job, personal life, etc. I have been looking into cover teaching in Scotland, specifically, Edinburgh, the city that stole my heart this summer. Heck, I’d even go back to Australia. I just want a change, and figure, better to do it when you don’t have roots, right? So, though I’d been wanting a relationship in the past, say, even last year… once I decided I was set on this ‘Scotland thing’ a couple weeks ago, I told the universe – ‘look, I’m cool with it. I’m planning on leaving it, so the single life is the life for me’…. and what happens? Someone I met last year pops back into my life. We went on a few dates last year, and I remember thinking, wow, I finally met someone I feel I have a lot in common with. Unfortunately there were other works at play so it didn’t go anywhere. Disappointing, but you move on. Then, 9 months later, a message from him shows up. I decide to risk grabbing drinks, because, why not?…and a few short weeks later, we’re exclusive. Very early days, to be sure, but it’s still funny, the universe’s sense of humour. For now I’ll refrain from thinking too far ahead. The important thing is not to forego your decisions and dreams for someone else, but I’ve told people – If I had someone here, I may not go overseas again. Building towards my future is as important as building towards my dreams. It’s a tricky game, but for now, I live in the moment.

I was going through some old photos and videos and found the video diary I made at the end of our trip from Croatia. It mentions a bunch of travel tips, and I find it kind of fun to look back on. I don’t know when my next trip is, but if you’d like to watch, here we go.


That’s my life right now. In a few weeks I fly up north to visit my mom and stepdad. I haven’t seen my stepdad since September of 2014, and I saw my mom for 1 day last Christmas during a difficult time for our family. I plan on bringing Cards Against Humanity, Anomia, and a bit of wine, in the hopes of having some family fun. Isn’t that what the holidays are for? Sault ste marie is a bore, but given the past 3 years of bad Christmas luck I’ve had, I will be quite happy if the season passes smoothly without any hiccups. Looking forward to the New Year. A restful and happy Christmas season to all.




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