Christmas Wishes & The Promise (a poem)

Hello to everyone and happy holidays! I hope everyone is having a very healthy and relaxing time with their family. I know for some it becomes more of a rat race between all the visits, but my family has kept it pretty quiet this year. I managed to catch up with a few friends in Ottawa before flying up North to visit my mom, brother and step-dad. My brother had the idea of cutting our own tree out back so that we did! We donned our work gear, pulled out the old Mule and set to it. I must say we did pretty well indeed.





My gift was my flight home so Christmas was really just about being with family. What I really wanted for Christmas was this Scottish hunk of man…but he never came. C’est la vie.

10277556_10204646368553176_9000522838106211929_n My step dad has turned the shop into the hang out spot around here, so his and my brother’s friends are always popping in for a drink. I haven’t been up to the Sault in a year and a half. It’s crazy how the time flies. I don’t really have plans for New Years other than a small gathering at a good friends house. Its been nice to get well wishes from friends home and afar. You naturally lose touch with people you meet when traveling, so I’ve been happy to hear from contacts in Australia, Scotland, Singapore, France. I may have mentioned previously that I decided to join a penpal website. I joke that it’s nerdy, but for me, it fulfills two things: my desire to keep the art of letter writing alive, and my desire to forge connections with people in different places, even if I’m not traveling. So far I am writing with people in Scotland, Ireland,& the Netherlands, NZ, the States and France. I love it!

2015 was a topsy turvy year. It saw a trip to Florida and across Europe. A couple moves. Family business. Career choices. New friends. Old friends that needed letting go. A year can pass quickly, but it can sure change a lot! I had my last week at the school where I worked the past 1.5 years. My first elementary job in Canada. Now I hope for full time work and see what the future holds for 2016. Someone I met last year came into my life briefly, at a point in which I’d decided I was going back overseas and didn’t mind being single. It seemed perfect-a few more dates and we were exclusive. Just as quickly, he had changed his mind. The explanation given gave a lot of room for the truth, but people will say whatever they feel is easiest. Excuses. I truly wish that people had more respect for the time and feelings of others. I met an old friend today who told me he met his girlfriend at a party, at a time when he’d not expected it. I like to talk about it but I’m not worried. I have bad luck, but maybe all the bad luck is leading up to something really, really good. I still have a lot to be thankful for. I hope we all take some time to be thankful for the things we have. Happy new year to all. 🙂


The poem, The Promise, was something I thought up after the romantic false start of December. It is about the value of words, and how we put such weight and trust of those who say them.

I was once given a promise by someone I hold dear,
They say actions speak louder, but it’s the words  I hear.
They poured from his mouth like such sweet, sparkling wine,
Like Juventus at the fountain, I would drink every time.                          Stories of safety, of adoration, of care
Promising the mountains, the seas, & the air
And you hinge upon them tightly, your belief is so strong
The wool so quickly covers, you could never see the wrong.
We say that trust is vital, we build it, it is earned,
So where are we without it, when its foundations have burned?
So often I scorn the gentle heart, for being led astray,
It always seems find those who put it in harm’s way.
It is so unfortunate what happens, the gradual decay,
In the confidence of honesty in what other people say.

They say a shame is their fault, and two shames is one’s own,
So how to blame weakened trust in next lover’s promising tone?
That is the challenge with these words,
The strength & ease of what is said,
And how much more we love the lie
When we take these words to bed.
We sleep with them, we languish,
They keep us warm at night.
In the throws of ectasy
we’d never trust our doubts as right.

I was once given a promise by someone I cared for,
Then felt the ache as things did break,
And that promise is no more.
Trusting can be hard, given all you have been through,
But when you meet the Right One, you’ll know what to do.
For things that end do start again, and the story is written anew.
Who you see at the end of it all is completely up to you. ♡


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