A Dream Awoken: Australia 2.0


Five months. Thats how long it’s been since Madyson and I touched our well traveled shoes back on home soil from Europe. I am thankful for the hundreds of photos we took, and the many wonderful memories we now share, but there was never any doubt it would never satisfy me for long. How could it? I have been bitten by the travel bug and shall happily enjoy it for the rest of my days.

Anybody who follows me on Facebook or instagram knows I have had a certain obsession with Scotland (sorrynotsorry). I pictured myself living in Edinburgh, reveling in the land of kilts and sexy accents. The idea of not going disappoints me, but around Christmas I started thinking that going overseas to work in one spot is not in my best interest. If I did go abroad  again, it would be to see places I had not yet seen.

Enter crazy idea. I contacted an old friend from first year of university,  a fellow French teacher living in Kingston. I told her last year that my dream trip would be to “go back to Australia for a bit,  tacking on New Zealand and SE Asia backpacking, coming home after.” She was keen back then. Might she be now?


Every time I see people post their Australia travels I find it hard not to be immensely jealous. Melbourne was a city that felt like home. There were definitely a few stresses during my last visit, but after a few weeks home all I had wanted to do was go back. I didn’t do my regional work for nothing!  So, was she? Turns out she was. We began messaging ideas back and forth. Four weeks  later brought a reunion four years in the making. I hadn’t seen her since before I left for Down Under the first time!  Over wine we indulged in Go Pro videos and travel docs and it was agreed: the plan is to live a few months in Melbourne, then head to New Zealand and Asia for a weeks of backpacking before coming home. It won’t be a whole year, but long enough to revisit a cherished place and see a corner of the world I regret not seeing.  I’m going to do it right this time. We just made the first payment to make it tangible- the fee to get certified to teach in Melbourne.  I think I’ve given myself enough time to plan and save. We will be working in Australia with the same agency as last time. I’m excited to share this journey with someone who hasnt been, so that everything may not be new, but it will be different.

In January I said I had no idea what this year would bring. It all starts to get a bit clearer, and I like what I see. 😁
Australia 2.0. An adventure coming Summer 2016.



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