You’re Not Getting Any Younger, Are ya?

There is a way to be yourself, I assure you this
There’s a way to catch your dreams without falling asleep
You might as well get it while you can, babe
’cause you know you ain’t getting any younger, are you?

Seinabo Sey, along with Kygo, Mako, and a few others, seem to be the poets of my 2016 dreams. This week our local weather saw plus temps, and as I relax on the first day of my March Break, it is raining, the snow continuing to melt. Spring is nearly here, and already it feels like a change in the cogs of my mind. Our winter was not as long as we’ve had it, but it still gave a good showing, with a number of massive storms, freezing rain, and frigid nights. Now, as the days are longer, and Sun comes back with vigour, I feel happier, luckier, like a bird let out of its cage. 12834678_10205094623919280_847263362_n

It seems, as always, that my life is taking turns in ways I had certainly not intended. What felt like months of indecision, financial uncertainty and loss of direction, is now being made up for with positive strides in my career, travel plans, and friendship. The first half of this year I had planned on moving to Scotland. Anyone close to me will know obsessed is a bit of an understatement; even still, I find it hard to dull my passion for all things accent, kilt, highland or other. It was never a mystery that I would like to go overseas again. My condition for returning abroad was that I wanted to have a source of income, and a chance at actual employment. I regrettably discovered that though casual teaching does exist in Edinburgh (my dream city), it is not guaranteed. I also knew I could hop around Europe on weekends off, but something drew me instead back to Australia.

So there we have it. I met an old friend in her hometown and we discussed the potential of our big trip. It is still a go, with a few developments. We have both set our visas in motion, and I’m waiting the nail-biting 6 weeks to find out if the country will let me back in (you better, Immigration! I didn’t work on that farm for nothing!) . We have settled up with VIT to teach and I will send my package in the mail today. Our timeline has up leaving in August and heading home around March.

I had been worrying if I would save enough for this trip. I guess I still am, but knowing that we pay little things off as we go makes me feel better. I had recently worked a 6 week LTO and was approached by admin during this last week – they’ve offered me another job until the end of the year! I can’t explain how happy it makes me. Knowing I have steady income will definitely assuage the stress a bit. I also recently interviewed for the Secondary LTO list – basically, it puts you in better standing for secondary jobs above supply teachers, and allows you to build seniority. I’m already on the elementary panel, and good thing is, you can take a leave of absence from these. This is good news, as it means I will have an easier time with employment when I come home.

12278257_10205094631599472_1412122449_n (1)
Rockin’ the HP Scarf at school

My friend Scott is an avid traveler, who went around the world last year. He happened to send me a travel deal to Scotland in May – 550 return! This is cheaper than flying out west, or the same price as flying from my town to Northern Ontario! Being the irresponsible travel fiend I am, I booked the trip immediately. Melissa, the girl I am going overseas with, remarked at her jealousy, so I asked her, why not come? A flurry of messages later, and Melissa will also be joining me for the first time in Scotland 🙂

The trip will be short, but hopefully, wonderful. May in Scotland is around 14 degrees C, which is an average Spring for us. We hope to do a 3-day Isle of Skye tour, return into Edinburgh, and have 3 days to visit both the city, explore Glasgow’s night life, and spend a day with one of my recent pen pals. I am beyond excited to have a trip to break up the Spring! It’s also wonderful to visit a place you love and share it with someone for the first time.

The gorgeous Isle of Skye

This week I am on my March Break. I am unpaid, but it gives me time to do some planinng – for travels, and for my new class. My close friend Brit came to visit this weekend, and we went to the Tim Hortons Brier together. It was such a good time! I’m new to Curling this year, and my team almost named themselves Slip n Chip due to my outrageous fall this past October…but Brittany is obsessed. We snuck down to lower seats where we managed to score pictures with the Sociables, and she met a ton of pro curlers.

A great day of sports and drinking! My curling final is tomorrow. I also intend on going to Montreal this weekend which should be good fun. Little chances to get out and away are definitely what help rid life of the daily doldrums! Even though it’s raining, I feel blessed to have work, friends, plans for the future, and more adventure in sight. People around me are still continuing their move towards settling down, but I am happy for them, not envious. I know my time will come when it is meant to be. For now, I am happy working to sustain myself, and plotting big moves across the globe!

12443288_10205094634559546_526095957_n (1).jpg

Take care out there, and happy travels!


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