April Unravels & Brings May Travels

Hello world! Or the few of you who follow 🙂

March was a pleasant month with a few positive changes but the weather is not one of them. Today was -10 and we are expected to see snow tomorrow! My life will not be half as exciting until our trip 6 weeks from now, but regardless, for myself and for the aspect of nostalgia, I will return on some updates:


Two weeks ago I ventured to Montreal, QC to meet up with my old friend Melissa. We had arranged a girls weekend seeing as we are both teachers and both had, sadly, an unpaid week off to eat up. Melissa lives in Kingston, ON, and works two jobs, so she is plenty busy – I, on the other hand, not so much.  Still, fun! I always saw Montreal as an exciting town but I think it is best when you already have a set event in mind – a concert, comedy show,  club night, etc. We arrived on the Friday to a wonderful airbnb, to be sure. Right in the Old Port, it did not disappoint. We created our own microbrewery tour and sampled beer flights across the city for most of two days. Among them, BeneluxL’Amere a Boire, Le Saint Bock, and a few Irish pubs in centre town. I think we claimed to have sampled 32 or so beers by the time our weekend was over! I have an appreciation for Ottawa and its greennness now. Montreal is fun, I’m sure.We went in the off-season. For all of Ottawa’s lack of cool bars and pubs, it still does feel like home. Melissa and I also did the “girl thing” with a bucket list item I had missed a few years back. In 2012 I went to Osheaga with a girlfriend and her roomate. We were supposed to go to a male strip club but they ditched me and I never got to go. So, go forward 5 years, and Melissa acknowledged my chance. Hello, club 281 😀 I will just say,  I paid for my own quick dance…. It was a good laugh, but never again. To me, with men, less is more, right?

Benelux – amazing craft beers!
Club 281- Naked men a-plenty
City hall @ Vieux Port
1st year Laurentian = 7 years later big adventure!



The good thing was my best friend Brittany F came to Ottawa with her boyfriend and family for the 2016 TH Curling Briar! I’ve been curling for two seasons now (can you call it that?) so I felt I had a reason to go. I love my BFF, she is MAD about curling (is it a Northern Ontario thing?) so we had a great time. We had the upper level seats then snuck down eventually to the lower 100s near where the commentators’ box was. We ended up meeting a TON of curlers, commentators, etc. Britt lost her mind! It was wonderful. I didn’t know these people, but hey… Russ Howard, curling Olympian… the Sociables, people who dress up in outfits on different days (they did HP when we were there!!)  and others! She also got to meet my friend Madyson, from my travels last summer, so that was fun 🙂



Flash forward a couple weeks. My job teaching grade 8 ended, but I procured another job teaching grade 7 until the end of the year! I have to pull a Mr.Dee and read up to get ahead since I’ve never taught grade 7 science. It’s a bit ridiculous, isn’t it? So far, so good. The drive to Kanata is a solid 25min so it isn’t so bad.


Melissa and I had finalized our trip to Scotland. We will head right over to Edinburgh, do a 3-day Isle of skye tour, return to Edinburgh. I met someone in Scotland last year who owns manages a Whiski Bar and I hope we can stop in. Even if he’s away, Andrew has promised us some Whiskey samplers. Melissa scoffs at the taste so far, but she’s still got a month to get habituated. 🙂 We will meet my penpal, Jenn,  maybe visit the Isle of Arran, and check out some cool bars in Glasgow! I also hope we line up with Graeme and Martynas who are e-friends from Glasgow and Edinburgh! I also hope to see Grzegorz again as he was our wonderful host in Edi last year. Melissa will be new to CS so I think it’s a great start to it for her, and plus, he knows the best Polish food in town!  Fingers crossed Melissa doesn’t get annoyed with my plans for the trip. 🙂

Old Man Of Storr, Isle of Skye
Madyson,Grzegorz and I, 2015 


This weekend was quite a busy one. A friend’s parents wondered if I might house-sit the house they are trying to sell in the same country town where I currently live.All bills are included and it gives me some freedom until I leave for Australia.  It’s barely furnished and the sound of emptiness will be hard to adjust to, but I said yes. I spent Saturday moving my stuff in, then today buying stuff. My bank account cried a little. I also bought my first SLR camera so woo! I bought it used on kijiji. I’m still sad I spent so much today. Last night I did NOT sleep. The house makes so many noises that a simple furnace doth not make. Well, I hope I survive. If you know me, you know I am a huge scaredy cat. I have already sticky-tacked photos of Australia and motivational quotes all over the room so the whole “being alone in a big house” seems more personable for me. Ahh….Work tomorrow. Hope all are well! Good luck and best health in April!


xx Kristy




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