Across Time

Apparently watching an afternoon of difficult romance movies will make me want to write. It came to me as a slight urge after finishing a WW2 movie called “Suite Francaise”. It did not end as I wanted, at all, but apparently, all the best movies do not have happy endings. I also watched Far From the Madding Crowd, which has a lovely soundtrack I used to write to. I also watched Danish Girl and the Age of Adaline this weekend (don’t judge) and they were all phenomenal. If you think this piece sucks, that’s your right – it definitely needs editing and is the result of 10 minutes of pondering. Still, it’s the first piece in awhile.

Far from the madding crowd intro

Across Time


How many people have loved each other across time…?

How many times have palms touched palms, fingers intertwining
sweating, nervous, pulse thump-thumping from the thumb straight to the heart
How often have eyes locked, gazes met, across fairgrounds, train stations, schools of thought and open-market squares,
secrets spilling slowly, if you were the one to know them
In how many languages have they spoken?
Hellos, the goodbyes, forgiveness, forever, never knowing, always hoping – with one look
How frequently have lips worked – touching timidly, melding fervently, answering questions we couldn’t answer ourselves
finishing sentences  to which we could not find the words
settling arguments, beginning adventures and bringing us back together in the end
promising tomorrow, today, this moment, that it was You
How often have two bodies joined, unashamed, milky-skinned and naked as the day
lying, communing, exploring each other with a pure, unadulterated love
caring wholly for the other and the moment they are in
Creating life or simply the beauty of knowing you are dear
How repeatedly have we felt heartbreak?
the crushing blow of a love that is unreturned, spited or unrequited
the one who fell for another, into another, onto another’s bed
how long have we fallen, how low have we sunk, thinking ourselves unmendable
only to be built back into the hopeful folds of Love
How long must we wait, do we wait, and when do we know
when the timing is right for us, when to move forward or to let go
It seems when I find myself amiss, at loss or led astray,
I simply think about the time, about the given day
and how so many before me –
through  hands, the kisses, the couplings, the daily work and play
have proved that through Time
Love will always find a way

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