A Million Little Memories: Passion Projects and Summer Thus Far

I was sitting outside on another beautiful summer’s day reading the Happiness Project, a book my friend lent me that I first read in Croatia in 2015. It reminded me that there’s a project I’ve been meaning to tackle for some time now, which is to self-publish some sort of book or tome I can keep to finally say, Hey, I’ve written something. It’s use and property will be simply personal, but I’ve wanted to have something concrete that I can finally call mine. Maybe one day I’ll be able to write an actual story, but I’ve been thinking for awhile now that I would like to do something with my journals. I first started journaling when I was ten years old, silly little paragraphs about “Matt complimenting my haircut” and “getting a good Mark on a spelling test.” (Actually,  some awe-inspiring commentary like that may even appear in the high school versions.) Since then, I have eight or nine journals that have gone from daily social updates to a sporadic and scattered timeline of trips, jobs, boyfriends and friendships.

coffee table
I would much rather read this than my 14-year-old commentary

I want to have something I can grab and look through which doesn’t require hours of perusing through teen melodrama and bus-ride bumps cursive; something which highlights the moments that, whether they happened last week or 25 years ago, I can reflect on and write down as I remember it now, because they meant that much to me. I have always harboured a small fear that nothing we remember will ever be as clear as it was then, that one day and we are old and grey we might barely recall it at all. Depressing, I know, but work with me- I would love to be sitting in my retirement home beside my grand-daughter, or beside my personal servant (a girl can dream) and have a book that encompasses the million little memories, be they good, bad, funny, or sad, that have shaped who I am thus far. Turning 30 next year makes it seem like a good timeline to organize this passion project for myself. With the internet being what it is, self-publishing is easy, and perhaps by looking over the memories I will find something I forget was there, or a story just waiting to be told. I won’t be writing every single memory I have, as I’d be there forever, but I think it will make for a really meaningful way to reflect on what has stood out most so far.

If you share, or know of any memory you think is important, please tell me! I would love to have some extra inspiration. 🙂

On another note, it appears that I haven’t updated this thing since January. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought winter never end, Mother Nature having teased us with that peculiar week of warm weather only to crash down on us with freezing rain in April. I often joke that I suffer from mild Seasonal Affective Disorder, and my mood changes drastically when the weather gets warmer. Going back to Australia at Christmas-time was a wonderful gift I would never regret, but it did take me the better part of two months to process the feelings of missing my life and the people I knew there, as well as give my life at home a fighting chance again. The friends I’ve made (and had) this year have been wonderful and our girls nights, my visits with my best friend Britt, and my growing connection to the staff at my school also helped.

Friendships make the difference

Springtime brought stress and excitement work-wise. I began tutoring and got to know a few students better. I applied and interviews for teaching jobs and FINALLY will be full-time teaching in September. Look Ma, benefits! I was also seeing someone for a couple months and though it ended, we had many fun dates and it made for a wonderful way to welcome in the new weather. Brad and I joined two volleyball clinics and I can now say I have a sport I enjoy after years of rejecting conventional athletics (ha-ha). I saw two of my favourite musicians, Kygo and Vance Joy, and celebrated my birthday with the sparkling shiraz I’d been saving 6 months from Australia.

We found her wedding dress!
The Broadview Bears are Greeeat!

The summer hasn’t been spent cavorting on wild travels but I’m quite content with the local road trips and places I’ve been discovering. My parents and I went to Picton for a weekend to explore the wineries and I’m glad something like that is so close to home! I spent a week with my family at a cottage in the Haliburton Highlands, then shot off to Kincardine with Ken to relax by Lake Huron and explore more than a few breweries. I managed to catch up with my travel partner Melissa in Kingston and made time to visit my parents on Manitoulin Island. I’ve just come home from visiting Britt in Sudbury and am now going to gradually begin preparing for school…between beach days and sunshine reads, of course.

Exploring wineries along the Georgian Peninsula
We love our cider
Prince Edward County weekend
Kincardine makes for beautiful sunsets

I feel this is going to be a big year with a heavy workload and a lot to accomplish, but I think I will be ready. This is the year to buckle down, get ahead, and be successful. Hopefully there will still be some fun along the way 🙂

Hoping everyone is having a lovely summer!




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